The Bolle Festsäle or fancy staging an event in a milkman’s chapel even if there are Bolle’s Chefs to help out

Bolle’s Festsaal with chandeliers making milk bottles a work of art. © Naumann

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). Well now, its true, Carl Bolle was a bit more then a milkman. 1893 the last German empress Victoria Auguste opened up this his dairy bordering on the Spree in the Alt-Moabit district of Berlin. Must have been quite an event! Bolle employed 2000 people, his milkmen and milkmaids being called “Bimmel-Bolles” as they rang the bell round town. Carl held his first cows for the dung production of his nursery, on Lützowufer 31, but he soon saw that he could do no better then go all out for the milk trade, fresh and healthy stuff for the population of an overcrowded city. From 1879 onward he and until 1969 Bolle supplied both booming and bombed Berlin with that white drink. As a start with cans on carts but soon with 250 vans that carried “Bolle” all over the place, thereby establishing a household name that Berliners do remember until today.

As a capitalist Carl was a religious person, so he built a chapel for his workers in his new dairy here; the layout with arched walls remains. Now it’s part of an event space on the second floor with the adjacent ballroom often in use as a banquet hall. On the whole it is suitable for large-scale events such as award ceremonies and congresses. The three-storey brick building has a fine entrance from the road of Alt-Moabit and a grand staircase adorned with ornaments that you would never expect looking at the place from outside. The bureau or “Kontor” on the first floor for receptions is kept up in old style, and the milk bar on the third serves as a not to solemn area for small groups to meet and talk. Don’t miss the roof terrace for chill-out or taking a view! Adjacent is the ABION Spree-Bogen Hotel and ABION Villa for you to stay in style. And is that their splendid boat lying at the jetty?

Now the Bolle Festsäle BT of the EFA Gastronomie GmbH & Co.KG not only offer space but also services from the equipment to the technology needed and on top planning and implementation of an event and last not least the food and the beverages – not only milk mind you – to go with it. We from Gastrosofie had the chance to try a bit and a bite there from some so called “themed islands” – and hope to soon savour the “works of culinary art” at a venue. For now we leave you with the words of a bold Bolle brochure:

“Benefit from professional project planning and tailored advice from our partner Bolle’s Chefs. The catering service offers culinary delicacies made with creativity and care, of contemporary flavour and freshness with a particular focus on the last food trends.” Oh boy oh Bolle!

Bolle Festsäle

Old Moabit 98, 10559 Berlin

Contact: Phone: +49 (0) 30 2148 010-0, E-Mail:


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