The Tenuta di Cavanera Etnea in Sicily

Cavanera Etnea Firriato Hospitality. © Firriato S.S.A.

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). The Cavanera Etnea winery, which belongs to Firriato SSA, is located near Verzella on Mount Etna in Sicily. The Etna Railway is just a short walk away. Travelers can circle the volcano once on the narrow-gauge railroad, part of whose tracks run through the Parco dell’Etna.

The soils on this volcano are of exceptional oenological and productive value. The vines would find the best conditions on the young soils of the last lava flow and produce grapes of unusual uniqueness. It goes without saying that the scorching southern sun contributes to the success.

© Firriato S.S.A.

The conditions for growing wine on Mount Etna are good. On a total area of 84 hectares stretching across the slopes of the northern quadrant of the volcano, on vineyards located on large terraces but also exposed on the sides of old lava flows, Firriato has developed a restoration and enhancement project that is unique in the entire Etna area. An old farmhouse with two millstones dating back to the 17th century and vineyards located at different altitudes from 650 to over 950 meters above sea level have been transformed into a winery. The soils of this Firriato vineyard on Mount Etna have a silicon content of over 60 percent. They are exceptionally porous and the basalt rock of the soil substrate ensures a constant supply of water to the plants thanks to the so-called sponge effect. Phosphorus, manganese and iron are also present.

Le Sabbie dell`Etna, Etna doc. a cuvée of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio. © Firriato S.S.A.

This is where the great oenological value of the volcano unfolds its full energy thanks to the large temperature fluctuations between day and night and the humidity, which manifests itself in its favorite sons: above all the Nerello Mascalese, the Nerello Cappuccio and the Catarratto. These grapes are then used to produce elegant and refined wines such as Gaudensiuns, the Cru Cavanera Rovo delle Coturnie and the Cru Cavanera Ripa di Scorciavacca.

Guests can enjoy good red wines from Tenuta di Cavanera Etnea at Firriato Hospitality’s beautiful Cavanera Etnea wine resort. Etna Rosso from the Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes. Le Sabbie dell’Etna Rosso shows an exquisite complexity in the glass with notes of cinnamon, black pepper, blackcurrant and preserved cherries. The bouquet is truly complex. Want to know more about this wine?

Well, you can taste this Tenuta di Cavanera Etnea wine and others at the modern Cantina di

Cavanera Etnea

Adress: Contrada Verzella, Castiglione di Sicilia, Italy

Contact: Telefon: +39 0942 986182, E-Brief:, E-Brief:


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