Gold in the glass or a Manhattan Royale in the Z Bar Chicago

Skyscraper in Chicago. Source: Pixabay, Photo: Pexels

Chicago, Illinois, USA (Gastrosofie). If Chicago and bars, skyscrapers and upscale, then Z Bar in Chicago. The Z Bar, named after Maria Zec, the first female manager of The Peninsula Hotels, is located above the legendary Michigan Avenue in Chicago, in the US state of Illinois.

Much is held at Zec, even if it was only enough for one of three letters for the bar. According to the Z Bar home page in the world network, her good spirit has brought together successful groups of chefs, mixologists, specialists and hoteliers. The best evidence should be the experimental drinking experiences. If you want to learn that, you can attend courses there.

However, visitors to the Z Bar like to have a Manhattan Royale prepared, even if they drink it in Chicago. It is served in handcrafted crystal glasses in which not only ice floats, but also 24 carat gold. The good is garnished with saffron or black truffle bitters. The Heaven Hill 27-year bourbon or WhistlePig 18-year rye is available for 275 dollars, the Elijah Craig 18-year bourbon or WhistlePig 15-year rye for 100 dollars.

If you prefer to drink classic scotch, you will find the Macallan M 325 dollar 1 oz or 650 2 oz. Beer is cheaper and there are guests for $ 8, $ 9, and $ 10.

True enough, it is more expensive than that located high up

Z Bar

Address: 108 E Superior St, Chicago, IL 60611, VSA

Contact: Phone: +13125736888


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Dress code: elegant to high