You’ll enjoy “Dancing Mocca” much more than “Waltzing Matilda” – go for specially roasted Arabica beans pickled in fine fruity and venerable vinegar from the Ortega grape

“Dancing Mocca” of some shapes and sizes © Weinessiggut Doktorenhof Wiedemann GmbH

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). There are so many ways to go waltzing. As an Aussie swagman with a matilda drinking billy tea under a coolibah tree and then ending up in a billabong, for instance. However, even Down Under one prefers to waltz in a Viennese style. Between rounds, blend in a mocha or two, it’s a perfect melange. Now eagerly waiting for a glass of wine?

Well, “Dancing Mocca” from the Doktorenhof wine vinegar estate in Venningen in the Palatinate is said to pay “homage to passionate dances in romantic coffee houses in a wonderfully glamorous time. Highly celebrated, fragrant mocha served in fine porcelain“ is what you’re keen to treat yourself to as “we have married this scent and taste to one of our best vinegars“, to quote the home page in the global network. We like to read and drink to that.

Getting ready to make for Dancing Mocca. © Weinessiggut Doktorenhof Wiedemann GmbH

The “Dancing Mocca”, made from “specially roasted Arabica beans, which are placed in fine-fruity venerable vinegar from the Ortega grape immediately after the roasting process and left to rest for six months”, is good for refining cakes, creams and tiramisu, but also for spicy pies and strong dark sauces, especially for venison – and for some jumbucks, we suppose.

Try it yourself. Inhale and taste all the aromas. Is this cedar wood? Are apricot, liquorice and caramel included?

Drink this vinegar pure as a refreshment in between meals or as a digestive after a nice dinner – and always reminiscent of a good dance. Cheers!

In the Doktorenhof shop, the offer is currently 125 ml Pavo bottle for 18 EUR, 250 ml Doktorenhof bottle for 31 EUR and 500 ml Doktorenhof bottle for 48 EUR including VAT and plus shipping costs.