Star menu to do it yourself – „Einsunternull“ in Berlin offers delicious food for your own four walls

What an array: One "Berliner Proviant", classic, for festive days from the "Restaurant einsunternull". © einsunternull, Rosina Ostler, Caption: Stefan Pribnow

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). It’s almost like being in a well-known Swedish furniture store. Open the box, put everything together, strictly according to the instructions, of course – done. But here the screwdriver can stay in the toolbox. After all, it’s not all about a Billy shelf, but about an exquisite, wholesome three-course menu. Including fresh bread with fine butter.

The Berlin one star restaurant “einsunternull” delivers the ingredients straight to your home. For two people, it adds up to 98 euros. „Berlin Provisions“ – as these exquisite dishes and products are called – are sent by DHL Express so that customers can get the goods as quickly as possible. They stay fresh in the refrigerator for a day or two. In addition to „classic“ there is also a vegetarian variety.

A well-filled package: 2x Berlin provisions for 4 people. © 2020, Photo: Fritz Hermann Köser, Caption: Stefan Pribnow

Even if the restaurant has to temporarily close its doors due to the coronavirus, “nobody needs to miss out on the culinary journey through the pulsating capital,” assures Nadine Reitinger. In addition, you donate ten euros of the proceeds of every snack you buy in Berlin to a non-profit organization, the deputy restaurant manager continues. In this way, connoisseurs can enjoy creative and urban cuisine with largely regional ingredients at home. Everything is perfectly packed and labelled. The enclosed instructions contain clear information about preparation, but also how to arrange the food. Whether Königsberger Klopse, barley herb risotto, or gardener potato, most of the ingredients just have to be warmed up, in the oven or in a saucepan. A modern star kitchen in your own four walls. No housewife will do this so perfectly.

Cool and classic: Königsberg Klopse swim in a delicious caper sauce. © 2020, Photo: Fritz Hermann Köser, Caption: Stefan Pribnow

This is due to the perfectly prepared ingredients. The risotto, for example, crunchy and creamy at the same time, has a wonderful herbal note. Smoked trout, frisée salad and smoked vinaigrette give this starter additional freshness and lightness. It continues with Königsberger Klopse. Often they are a bit bland, here they were wonderfully seasoned – you can see marjoram and nutmeg, among other things. The piquant caper sauce is also flawless. The lightly sweetened beetroot salad and the gardener’s potatoes, here a perfectly seasoned gratin, are ideal side dishes. In addition to the potatoes, there is also melted butter, which is reminiscent of a kind of liquid caramel, only without sugar, because of its colour.

Trick or treat. © 2020, Photo: Fritz Hermann Köser, Caption: Stefan Pribnow

The dessert, a baba au rhum with whipped ganache, leaves nothing to be desired. It is gratifying that the sugar is less dominant in the pastry and more the rum. If you still find some espresso in the cupboard, you can enjoy the macarons and pralines that were also included.

Conclusion: If a screw was missing from the Billy shelf, everything is perfect here. And this type of “do-it-yourself” is also much more fun.


Christopher Prescott based on a text by Fritz H. Köser.