Passion with thyme – very inviting, and a star on the horizon: „Christopher`s“ in Berlin offers seasonal and regional cuisine – even during the Corona crisis

Fresh thyme gives the dessert a special note. © 2020, photo / BU: Fritz Hermann Köser

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). It glows in bright colours from white walls. The interior of the „Christopher’s“ restaurant in Charlottenburg is decorated with neon art, but well dosed, just pleasantly unobtrusive. On the other side the bar with over 150 types of gin. You get the feeling of everything discreet, stylish, at the same time pleasantly casual and very inviting. The dishes on the menu, which also has 350 different wines, correspond to that ambience, and at very fair prices. Like the eggplant, garnished with sesame. A poached egg, warm lentil salad and an eggplant cream are hidden beneath. A brew of coconut, curry and spring onion oil gives the whole thing a touch of minimal sharpness.

Co-owner Christopher Kümper cooked in a number of well-known, international star temples. © 2020, photo / BU: Fritz Hermann Köser

This certainly is a vegetarian delicacy for which some meat fans would also leave their juicy steak on the grill. Light and filling at the same time, simply ideal for a short lunch break that usually takes place in the “home office” now. In times of the Corona crisis, the restaurant only offers “take away” and “delivery”. Clients take advantage of the offer; passers-by keep coming in and picking up their meal pre-ordered by phone, all smiling and glad and happy that “they are still here”.

Homemade vegetable chips, including savoy cabbage, carrots and fennel. © 2020, photo / BU: Fritz Hermann Köser

The starter is at least as low in calories. Here the owners David Monnie and Christopher Kümper, namesake and chef, have dared to go for a classic: The good old Minestrone, with pasta, crunchy vegetables and a clear consommé with tomato. To match, there are homemade chips made from savoy, fennel, kimchi and three types of carrot, normal, white and once upon a time carrot.

The light classic: minestrone with fresh vegetables and pasta. © 2020, photo / BU: Fritz Hermann Köser

The dessert also shows how creative you work here. Passion fruit foam on cheesecake ice cream, cookie dough and peach compote: Truly not off the shelf. There is some green on the orange foam. Thyme. With its slightly bitter note, it takes the cheesecake’s weight away, as Christopher Kümper explains.

The eggplant on poached egg is also something for meat fans. © 2020, photo / BU: Fritz Hermann Köser

A simple yet sophisticated kitchen, fresh, seasonal and regional, that is the concept of the two owners. Christopher Kümper, who is mainly supplied by farmers from the region, offers the best conditions for this. Well-known star temples from all over the world adorn his career, including the „Landhaus Scherrer“ in Hamburg, the „André“ in Singapore or the „Daniel“ in New York. The kitchen in “Christopher’s” reflects this high level of cuisine: delicious and sure, say we from Gatrosofie, to get a star soon.


Address: Mommsenstrasse 63, 10629 Berlin

Contact: Telephone: 030 24356282,



Opening times: currently from noon to 8pm „Take Away + Delivery“, closed on Sundays


Christopher Prescott based on a text by Fritz Hermann Koeser.