In high spirits over Berlin – the Skybar serves heavenly spirits and shakes as if they came from angels top of Andel’s

The Skybar in Berlin.
Looking into the Skybar at the Hotel Vienna House Andel's Berlin. © Vienna House

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). A bar above the clouds, that’s quite something. A bar in the sky over Berlin, that’s something special. Therefore, it was great when the Skybar reopened at the Andel’s in Autumn 2016, having been rebuilt the previous summer. The Skybar is a highlight at about 65 meters height, to be reached by elevator: uplift to 14th floor, and now is a trendy style symbiosis.

The Skybar in Berlin.
Looking once more deep into the Skybar up at Vienna House Andel’s Berlin. © Vienna House

The style is likely to be considered unpretentious, daring and yet a welcome ensemble of the brand idiosyncratic. That’s exactly what the architecture office Dreimeta is known for, with soft, generous velvet armchairs and sofas and earthy colours in the parquet floor, walls and fabric wallpaper – a stunning composition.

The highlight of every bar is of course the counter. In the Skybar it is 14 meters long and made of dark oak as well as marble. The one dozen bar stools rejoice in cheeky flamingo pink. Count on the fact that above this counter there is a hanging rack made of brass, on which all sorts of spirits are staged in style. Behind it hangs a wall tile mirror in warm mustard yellow, old rose and greige.

The Skybar in Berlin.
Mix what it takes in the Skybar Berlin up at the Hotel Vienna House Andel’s Berlin. © Vienna House

To anyone who asks for the overall impression it could be said that all appears to be a bit like Villa Villekulla, but not looking so weird. For wealthy children and those who want to be as such, but otherwise also like Pippi Longstocking, this could be considered a successful conception.

Even the motto of the Skybar seems to be inspired by the daring entrepreneur citizen of the capital and his bustling bar culture. „Classy Classics Meet Berlin Style“ is the name of the game, and well-known drinks and cocktails are breaking new ground in an exclusive menu. How about a „Princess of Wales“, a „Sex on the Landsberger“, a „Fog of the City“ or a „JWD – Janz weit draußen“? Fabian Butz is considered the creative head of the bar, creating delicious and brilliant cocktails for the public. The prices for cocktails are between 10 Euro and 15 Euro.

The Skybar in Berlin.
Three drinks in Berlin’s Skybar: (f.l.t.r.) The Derby, Jasmin has a Garden, Nothing New in the Southeast. © Vienna House

„Lightness, stylish exclusivity and a high degree of courage to innovate, that’s what the Skybar stands for,“ says Ralph Alsdorf, General Manager of the Hotel Vienna House Andel’s Berlin.

The Skybar is advertised on its starting page in the global network with the words: „In the sparkle of the Berlin night revelers sip sparkling, fresh cocktails, champagne and a large selection of exquisite spirits. The contrasts in the glass and the longest highway in the city at your feet – this is how the evening in Berlin begins.“

Bearing that in mind, just enjoy. Cheers to you and good company. See you up there soon!

Skybar at the Vienna House Andel’s Berlin

Landsberger Allee 106, 10369 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 453 053 2614

Opening hours: Mondays to Sundays from 6pm to 2am


Christopher Prescott – article based on a text by Ole Bolle.

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