Brinner is the winner at the highly acclaimed Skykitchen restaurant offering the best plus a view of Berlin – A Sunday event for connoisseurs and gourmets with two star chefs

Looking into the Michelin star restaurant Skykitchen with Berlin at your feet. © Vienna House

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). If so much goodness is given gladly, then that’s worth more than just a glass of champagne. All guests of the Brinner are into a treat of delicious dishes up at Skykitchen, Berlin’s star restaurant near the stars. Sumptuous right from the start, and enough tasty bits to relish over and over again. Over and over again champagne is offered to accompany the fine food. Flat rate is the apt name for this appetizing way to spend your time, more precisely: champagne flat rate.

Even if Brinner is rather a rare highlight in the upscale restaurant Skykitchen, the impressing view is always on show here. In the sky over Berlin only the sight of delights coming from the kitchen surpasses the sights of the city.

A happy and hearty Chef de cuisine: Alexander Koppe of the upscale restaurant Skykitchen. © Vienna House

Two star chefs at the Brinner make sure of that, because star chef Alexander Koppe invites another star chef as a guest on his side. With Brinner up in Skykitchen their food concepts are allowed to flow along and into each other, same as breakfast and dinner are combined to establish an enchanted Brinner.

Wonderful delicacies of breakfast from sweet to savoury form a culinary liaison with modern interpretations of international cuisine and something would emerge that has not existed in the star kitchen so far, one is sure in the star restaurant. Brinner à la Skykichen is a luscious blast from the creative school of two star chefs, a must for gourmets. The wonderful event is made possible by charming service of Maître Barbara Merll and her team who keep it going, not to mention an unlimited serving of champagne.

Ralph Alsdorf, General Manager of the Vienna House Andel’s Berlin: „The idea for Brinner at star level has arisen out of the desire to try something new. Brinner came to Germany from the USA and is gradually dethroning the brunch. The Skykitchen wants to take unusual paths in the catering industry and pursues innovative concepts. Above all, Brinner is supposed to make the regular customers of Skykitchen curious. There is something unique that has not yet existed in shape and with two star chefs in Berlin: a Sunday afternoon for connoisseurs and gourmets.“

This double liaison, that of breakfast and dinner as well as that of two star chefs is a must for all those that go gusto with a capital G.

Everyone should enjoy the truly gastronomic win-win situation over the rooftops of Berlin.

Brinner is offered once a quarter on selected Sundays from 3pm to 7pm. A Brinner with two star chefs would cost 199 euros. Not only for the six-course menu, partly flying, also for the champagne flat rate that is included.

The starting signal for these dashing delights was sounded on July 22, 2018. Alexander Koppe, as Chef de Cuisine of Skykitchen who, although quite a local guy likes to look beyond this region with his cuisine, and offers the best on a French basis with an Asian touch, had Philipp Kovacs at his side. Kovoacs is a star chef in Goldberg, a restaurant with garden terrace and wine lounge long way south in Stuttgart-Fellbach. Chef Kovoacs and his team create a let’s say it as they do „rich in flavour cross-culture cuisine“. „Fine dining with surprises“ is promised in Stuttgart and was also held in Berlin by both artists of the kitchen – by Koppe and Kovoacs alike.

Now Gastrosofie is looking forward to the next Brimmer Sunday. It should be on October 7, 2018. Then Bavaria’s youngest star chef Steffen Szabo from the gourmet restaurant Esszimmer at Goldene Traube in Coburg would be Koppe’s co-producer. Definitely book!

And if you crave for more, after Brinner you can elevate two more floors up to the Skybar, which is open until 2 o’clock on Sundays, and celebrate accordingly with digestif or cordial. And somehow that would be a win-win situation as well, for sure!

Skykitchen at Vienna House Andel’s Berlin

Landsberger Allee 106, 10369 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 453 053 2620, E-Mail:


Christopher Prescott – article based on a text by Ole Bolle.

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