Healthy highlights! – Great stuff from the Gorilla Bakery in Berlin

Baked goods at the Gorilla Bakery. © Photo/BU: Christoph Merten, Photo: Berlin, 22.9.2022

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). No kidding, there is a bakery in Berlin called Gorilla, more precisely: Gorilla-Bäckerei. There you can enjoy healthy and tasty baked goods, all made on site and by hand. Above all, sourdough breads are „made in a long process“, something to which great importance is attached at Gorilla Bäckerei GmbH. Frithjof Wodarg assures us of this, and you can see it not only in the back rooms of the bakery and confectionery, but also through large panes of glass from Hermannstraße and in the bright, unfussy and briskly furnished sales and dining room where Gina from Seattle, Trevor from Illinois, Griselda from Buenos Aires, Tomas, half Norwegian and half Italian, Brendan from Melbourne and Sophie work.

Frithjof Wodarg in front of baked goods at the Gorilla Bakery in Berlin-Neukölln. © Münzenberg Medien, Photo/BU: Stefan Pribnow, Photo: Berlin, 22.9.2022

Frithjof Wodarg founded the bakery with Matteo Angioi and Marlon Briceño. Their philosophy is that: „The Gorilla Bakery is a small bakery where all products are made by hand in a visible production.“ True enough! If you want, you can taste sweet things over coffee and tea, French Viennoiserie like croissants and pain au chocolat and patisserie. I like the classic cheesecake with cappuccino, to which I am invited by Frithjof. Other guests drink great juices and eat Roman pizzas.

Gina measures the dough for the croissants. © Photo/BU: Christoph Merten, Photo: Berlin, 22.9.2022

The Gorilla Bakery on the corner of Hermannstraße and Werbellinstraße in Berlin-Neukölln is a small bakery and confectioner’s shop, despite the giant name and the successful products. It is fitting that only organic flours are bought and processed from small mills or millers who grind the grain in Germany and Italy. If the ingredients are as good as the preparation, then the „interplay of good craftsmanship and good ingredients… produces good quality“. Like the long leavening and fermentation, this has its price, but also its better taste. The good and tastier goods without additives are not cheap then. They are not only sold daily in Neukölln, but also in Schöneberg on Torgauer Straße at the corner of Dominicusstraße.

A slice of classic cheesecake at the Gorilla Bakery in Berlin-Neukölln. © Münzenberg Medien, Photo/BU: Stefan Pribnow, Shot: Berlin, 22.9.2022

Here and there the house bread is on offer (7 euros a kilo), but also country bread (7 euros a kilo), nut bread (9 euros a kilo) and spelt bread (8 euros a kilo). The bread Senatore (7 euros a kilo) and Novanta (7 euros a kilo) are also on the wooden shelf, but obviously not for long. Baguette (2.80 euros a piece), Ciabatta (90 cents a piece) and even rolls (90 cents a piece) are also not rot be missed. They sell like hotcakes.


Address: Hermannstraße 211, 12049 Berlin



Open: daily from 8 am to 6 pm


The above article by Stefan Pribnow was translated by Christoph Merten.

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