Gush, such a lush nosh – Felix Mielke is the cook in Berlin for a good nosh-up at his Schüsseldienst or dish duty

Felix Mielke in front of and at your bowl service Schüsseldienst in Berlin-Schöneberg © 2019, Photo: Florian Kottlewski, Caption: Stefan Pribnow

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). Felix Mielke cooked from 2012 to 2019 as chef de cuisine in the kitchen of the Berlin restaurant Le Faubourg, before that in the Savoy, Ritz Carlton and Le Provençal. Now he already feels quite at home at the stove of Schüsseldienst, a new nosh setting the pace with lush food without being posh.

Lucky Felix Mielke preparing a meal at his Schüsseldienst. © 2019, Photo: Fritz Hermann Köser, Caption: Stefan Pribnow

Not only his experience of various kitchens and concepts did the Berlin born and bread cook take to Schöneberg but also the taste and savours of fine dining. Hovever, even if his nosh makes you say gosh it is never too posh for his with it guests. Schüsseldienst convinces with a clear menu full of delicacies. The 35-year-old offers eye candy and delights for not even an old pound and so at prices below 10 €. Exclamation mark.

On the menu at Schüsseldienst you will find some nice bowls of real delicacies such as the “green salad”, with avocado, superfood like quinoa, greens, wild rice, cucumber spinach, pecan nut and yoghurt sesame dressing. The bowl „cauliflower“ is cool in both ways as is „bean and pancetta“, an Italian style that Felix Mielke seems to prefer to German bacon. Wonderful.

© 2019, Photo: Fritz Hermann Köser

We really do recommend „Pulled Chicken“ with chickpeas, curry, cauliflower, Curly Cale, almonds, feta cheese and pomegranate, „beef ribs“ with sweet potatoes, chilli and herbs, and a beautiful bowl of „Porto Bello“ with giant mushroom, carrot, Thai curry, asparagus, pak choi cashews and sesame vinaigrette. Looks great and tastes delicious. That’s enough for sure, but you can of course, get the „ribs“ or „Pulled Chicken“ on top.

© 2019, Photo: Fritz Hermann Köser

Mielke is your man for strong and savoury Stullen, the Berliner sort of sandwich. Currently, cauliflower and avocado are on show at the blackboard as well as rib and chicken.

The sweet things are rice pudding (with salt caramel and almond brittle) and sesame mouse. Yep, good old Mum’s rice pudding is still the best, but lucky Felix Mielke is catching up fast. Try it out!

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Christopher Prescott based on a text by Ole Bolle.

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