Gosh, goodie goulash! – “A piece of land” offers regional meat from species-appropriate husbandry

Lush Goulash. Source: Pixabay, Photo: RitaE

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). A simple dish, at first sight: Rice with a Bolognese sauce. Sieved tomatoes and: minced meat. But not just any questionable product from the counter of some or other discount store. But one hundred per cent high quality beef with a fat content of around 20 per cent. “A piece of land”or “Ein Stück Land” is the name of the mail order business that specializes in top quality meat, regional, from species-appropriate husbandry. For quality-conscious customers who don’t want to be fooled with food, are keen to know where the meat they eat comes from.

Hinrich Carstensen and Lina-Louisa Kypke have fulfilled a dream with their “Marktplatz”. From Hamburg they were drawn to the tiny Kayhude a little north, surrounded by meadows and fields. Both love nature and animals. So they wanted to go back to the country, to Schleswig-Holstein, where Hinrich was born. Lina grew up there. Both are critical of the development of meat consumption, be it factory farming or transport routes that are too long. That is why they mainly rely on smaller farms with few animals from the region. Whether goulash or steak from Galloway beef, whether chops from Bentheim pork, whether half a chicken, everything comes from species-appropriate husbandry. The owners are primarily concerned about the animals. Do they have enough space and exercise? Are they apart from that also treated well?! That’s why they take a close look at the farms and animal husbandry on site. And only work with farmers and breeders who share their philosophy.

The cattle of their partner farms are allowed to graze in the open all year round. In winter, depending on their breed, there is also a shelter available to them –strewn with straw. Because they are kept naturally, they hardly need any medication at all. In addition, the calf is not separated from the cow, whose milk is reserved exclusively for the calf in accordance with suckler cow husbandry. If the grass has fewer nutrients in the cooler months, it is fed additionally. With natural products such as hay or, if necessary, beet pulp. Then the cows are strong enough in the spring to give birth to their offspring healthy. Due to the slow and natural growth, the beef, whether Galloway, Limousin or another breed always remains tender, fine-grained and lean. The aroma: an intense meat flavour. A little salt and pepper are therefore completely sufficient for seasoning. In addition, the meat does not shrink when frying in the pan, which is also due to the dry aging on the bone.

Whether pork, poultry or beef, the fresh meat packages are vacuum-packed, cooled and supplied with straw insulated. Without Styrofoam, just with normal ice and additional dry ice. The minced meat arrived frozen. It was flash frozen beforehand. Wonderful for high quality hamburgers or meatballs – or: if you want to turn an ordinary Bolognese into a wonderful delicacy. Like we from Gastrsofie.


Christopher Prescott based on a text by Fritz Hermann Köser.