Delicious fish dishes in the trendy fish restaurant Funky Fisch

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Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). Yeah, Funky Fisch is so fashionable that it was included in the recently published Gault & Millau 2019 for Germany. Over 1000 restaurants as well as young talents and new trends are presented, plus 70 pop-addresses on top, where the atmosphere is „easy-going“. Now, fish restaurant Funky Fisch is according to that sophisticated Gault & Millau guidebook one of the pop places over here.

© Funky Fisch

Whatever you make of “pop” as an expression, the Funky Fisch certainly is popular with guests of all ages, locals and tourists alike. Nearly every table was taken when we two from Gastrosofie came, so it’s worthwhile to make a reservation.

“Pop” is above all the interior. Unadorned, bare, grey walls, but also a little colourful Pop-art comic on the wall, neon lamps on the also unadorned, night, grey ceiling. The floor looks like it would have been made of wood, as chairs and tables, with legs in black metallic, without whims and fancies.
The menu lists the components of the dishes straightforward. No frolics, thanks. Super soups such as My Favourite Fish Soup with cod, crème fraîche, tarragon and dill, as well as the Bouillabaisse Funky Fisch with crustaceans, fish and seafood, as well as saffron, Pernod and the rather rare French vermouth Noilly Prat.

© Funky Fisch

If you want to continue, we recommend cooked or fried dishes. How about Japanese tempura with a batter of flour, egg and ice water? The national dish of Hawaii called Poke is also part of the program, as is Carpaccio with sea salt, olive oil, lemon and onions plus salmon, tuna, plaice, cod and so on. Well recommended is the Tuna Tatar. Treat yourself to a traditional Escabeche Português. Not only to the sardines fits as a side dish Puré Patata Bacalhau real swell.

If you’re into salad, you should try either the rather mild fried fish salad with mayonnaise or the grilled octopus salad with caramelized red onions and chilli dressing. The Funky Fisch salad with grilled fish and seafood as well as a honey mustard dressing is basically a main dish.

© Funky Fisch

The sauces from aioli to remoulade are homemade, just like the Pastel de Santiago dessert, an almond cake, served with whipped cream. It fits an espresso or Caffè Americano as do grilled Fruits and Mascarpone, my sweet discovery. Last not least, although we stuck to beers, the wine list is long and surprisingly good for this unpretentious place if you choose either a bottle or a glass.

The kitchen of Funky Fisch is truly international, the chefs and waiters are to, and they act upbeat as the food they serve. This project with many gastronomic temptations seems splendid for young and hip guests and all who are in search of a fish restaurant a bit out of the ordinary. Therefore, if you do not find a dish of your liking on the menu, choose what you prefer from the array on show along the counter.

Bet you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Funky Fisch

Kantstraße 135-135, corner Schlüterstraße, 10625 Berlin

Contact: Telephone: 0163 9382215, E-Mail:
World net:

Opening hours: daily from noon to 11 pm, break from 5 to 6 pm


Christopher Prescott based on a text by Stefan Pribnow.

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