Crave and rave, men and women, for ramen – best to be at the Jamboree of the Grand Hyatt in Berlin

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Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). If you are lunchtime at Marlene-Dietrich-Platz in Berlin, it’s Jamboree. Jamboree? No, this is not a big tent encampment for boy scouts or rather a popular dance and music event with an bazaar where country folk gather, but the name of a restaurant of the Grand Hyatt hotel.

There is no question that you could camp in the hotel, but in the spirit of jam, something else is „squeezed“ and „squashed“ in the Jamboree. Actually as part of a great soup, namely healthy and tasty ingredients.

Since February 5, 2020 a large selection of soups, curry and desserts have been offered during the week, including ramen. The hand-drawn noodles (ramen), which should be as long as the legs of lovely Dietrich, here do not come from the Far East for this super soup but originally are from China, and were successfully introduced in Japan many years ago. They now are part of culture and culinary art. Restaurants only for ramen offer their culinary art, as do ramen shops.

© Grand Hyatt Berlin

In Berlin, the Jamobree is now a starting point for real ramen friends and those who want to become one, because there are professionals at work. In addition to Holger Joost, Naoto Kono, Seiji Yagami and Junichi Oboshi as Japanese ramen experts, sushi masters from the Vox restaurant, are the creators of the new lunch menu in Berlin-Mitte.

Ramen has been „a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine for many decades,“ says Naoto Kono, who reveals „even family recipes“ for „offering authentic Japanese cuisine to Berliners and visitors“. Kono knows ramen, which is a hot tip for the cold season like grandmother’s chicken soup.

Nevertheless, ramen is considered to be more sophisticated. There are four different varieties to choose from in the Jamboree: Yasai with soybean sprouts, Shitake mushrooms, Wakame and Sesame; Chashumen with pork belly, soy, bamboo shoots and egg; Toriteriyaki with chicken, teriyaki and bamboo shoots; Kaisen with shrimp, seafood and wakame.

© Grand Hyatt Berlin

The soup is served in a nice bowl. Eaten at low tables with sofas and armchairs. The Jamboree, in which “living room atmosphere” combines with “urban flair”, is – jippie – just the place to be!

If you want great soups and don’t like ramen, you must try miso, more precisely miso with tofu, seaweed and leek, and grand miso with seafood, tofu, algae and leek.

Enjoy your lunch at noon – for even after Ramen, its not Amen.


Address: Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2, 10785 Berlin

Contact: Telephone: 0049 (0) 30 2553 572, email:


Opening times: lunch is served Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Christopher Prescott based on a text by Ole Bolle.