Great to drink, fine to draw – Gin, vodka and corn brandy from the Berliner Brandstifter not only stirred and shaken, but boiled and baked: The recipe book

Here you go: The "recipe book with drinking and cooking recipes" by Berliner Brandstifter. © Berliner Brandstifter GmbH, Caption: Stefan Pribnow

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). The “recipe book” is an elegant and generous 112-page book “MIt Trink- und Kochrezepten”, recipes to wine and dine, as subtitle and „Berliner Brandstifter“ on the lid.

Not with fiddly letters in full justification, but with large letters in ragged alignment, recipes are split into ingredients, in bold, and preparation – with wonderfully fitting illustrations, witty but not cheeky from the pen of Anselm Magnus Hirschhäuser.

Looking at pages of the recipe book “Mit Trink- und Kochrezepten” by Berliner Brandstifter. © Berliner Brandstifter GmbH

The artist, born in 1983, who got into comics early on and later became one of the best sprayers in town, can and should know the subject, as he is not only a graduate of the Berlin-Weißensee art college and a freelance illustrator, but also a bartender in Berlin.

Mr Hischhäuser can make cheeky cocktails and recipes like the bartenders and chefs Alexander Ert and Luca Moritz-Gültas, André Zauner, Björn Juhnke and Friederike Binder, Christoph Brand, Christoph Fenske, Mario Paul and Christoph Büchner, Claire Rudloff, Dariusz Rucki, Fabian Buhtz, Franziska Soppert-Wegner, Gabriele Giesler, Marius Döring, Markus Tartler, Michel Engling, Mourad „Momo“ Addelaziz, Stephan Oliver Roock and Marcus Friedrich. They all use – who would have thought that – Berliner Brandstifter gin, vodka and corn brandy.

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Recipe book, with drinking and cooking recipes, illustrations by Anselm Magnus Hirschhäuser, 112 pages, hard cover, Berliner Brandstifter GmbH, Berlin, 1st edition 2017, currently EUR 15.69 including 5 per cent VAT and plus shipping costs