Despite corona, loads of customers at the asparagus and adventure farm Klaistow in the Beelitz area south of Berlin

Sunshine for lots of visitors and plenty of tasty veggies at the asparagus and adventure farm Klaistow (archive picture). © Spargel- und Erlebnishof Klaistow

Klaistow, Germany (Gastrosofie). This drive-in does not entice you with greasy hamburgers, but with healthy vegetables. „Beelitzer Asparagus to go“ is written in German on the yellow sign in blue letters. Enjoy them either with some potatoes or on top of it with a schnitzel. The obligatory hollandaise sauce should not be missing either. Kids have their share as well. They get half a portion.

Whether white, green or violet: the amount of sun is responsible for different colours of asparagus. © 2020, photo: Fritz Hermann Köser

The asparagus and adventure farm Klaistow near Potsdam has adjusted itself to the corona crisis. With a large food truck in the spacious parking lot. Now, if you prefer to eat the famous Beelitz asparagus on site – no problem. The restaurant opened up mid-May. With the relevant safety precautions, as restaurant manager Timm Kleist insures. The tables are far enough apart, the service and kitchen staff wearing mouth and nose masks. Salt shakers and floral decorations alike have been banished from the tables, what is being offered is set out on a one-way menu made of paper. On the back there are motifs for kids and grown-ups to colour in. And for kids with an urge to move, there is that big red tractor in the middle of the room, on which kids and adults behaving so like to climb. It’s almost a classic, with a Porsche engine from 1953.

Asparagus with schnitzel is pleasant for the „peasant“ or “farmer”. © 2020, photo: Fritz Hermann Köser

Of course, bus tourists are still missing, says Antje Winkelmann. Nevertheless, to the delight of the managing director, lots of visitors come to the courtyard, and the restaurant is also very well attended. The serving staff tirelessly bring asparagus to the tables, soups, salads, and seven main dishes, for instance „very classic“ with potatoes, as a “sailor” plus roasted salmon or as a „farmer“ plus pork schnitzel. Kids for instance love “Asparagus Tarzan”, a half portion for half price. Apart from draft beer, the refreshing, homemade blueberry lemonade is also a suitable drink. If you don’t have enough of “asparagusto” you can order an appropriate ice cream or, as a nightcap, a spirit with asparagus flavour.

Look at one of the individual production steps of the asparagus from the field to the market place (archive picture 26.5.2011). © Spargel- und Erlebnishof Klaistow, photo: Jürgen Weyrich

The region’s sandy soils are simply ideal for growing the famous Beelitz asparagus, explains Antje Winkelmann. Fortunately, despite the crisis, there are enough harvest helpers for the 800 hectares, especially mini-jobbers and students are now moving to the fields. If you want, you can buy asparagus freshly harvested on the farm. Or, take them ready to eat in the farm shop in a cooking bag. Everything already peeled and washed. Just heat it up, in a saucepan or in the microwave. The whole thing is called Beelitzer Asparagus „Sous vide“.

So as fast as you can go to enjoy asparagus plus adventure at

Spargel- und Erlebnishof Klaistow

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Open: Asparagus for sale in the market from 9 am to 6 pm

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