Wine tasting with Doctor Wine in the restaurant „Il Calice“ on Walter-Benjamin-Platz in Berlin

The Ultimate Wine Guide of Italy 2021 by Danilele Cernilli as Doctor Wine. © Copyright MD Communication Srl, Rome, and Trudi Bruelhart, Bern, Caption: Stefan Pribnow

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). Daniele Cernilli, also known as Doctor Wine, invited with others to taste award-winning wines at Walter-Benjamin-Platz in Berlin, in front of and into Il Calice. There, wine should be tasted and talks should be held with winegrowers.

It is said that anyone who knows Cernilli knows that he only presents wines “that are really worth drinking”. This was also pointed out by Trudi Brülhart from the B&T press office in Berne in the Swiss Confederation, who was also present for the tasting..

No wonder, then, that a few dozen wine lovers and those who would become wine lovers came to the free tasting on April 27, 2022 between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Among them were a few connoisseurs and critics, sommeliers and connoisseurs and many people interested in wine, but also other winemakers, cellar masters, experts, wine dealers and so on.

Some took away knowledge, business cards and brochures from the free tasting of classic Italian wines, some just seemed to get tipsy. Those who wanted were given the book „The Ultimate Wine Guide of Italy 2021“ by Daniele Cernilli, which the author could autograph on request.

The wine doctor or food and drink with Daniele Cernilli

A select few were invited to the evening event at Il Calice. Wine was served that fitted a four-course meal. We document the dishes and wines as follows:

Salumi DOP Piacentini Grossetti – Pancetta coppata, coppa, salame

  • Vinea Domini – Roma Bianco Vinea Domini 2021
  • Venica & Venica – Ronco delle Mele Sauvignon Collio 2021
  • Di Sipio – Aereo Riesling 2019
  • Nals Margreid – Sirmian Pinot Bianco 2019

Paceri con Ricotta, Melanzane, Provola affumicata

  • Querciabella – Baàr Toscana 2019
  • Rocca di Frassinello – Rocca di Frassinello Maremma Toscana 2018
  • Casale del Giglio – Mater Matuta Lazi Rosso 2017

Agnello con Pastinake, Pecorino, Menta

  • Cantine Romagnoli – Valluna Emilia 2018
  • Fiorentino – Irpinia Aglianico 2017
  • Il Pollenza – Il Polienza Marche Rosso 2017

Parmigiano Reggiano invecchiato Malandrone 1477

  • Lungarotti – Sagrantino di Monfefalco Bio 2018
  • Luretta – Ala del Drago Colli Piacentini 2018
  • Masciarelli – Marina Cvetic Merlo Terra Aquilane 2017
  • Toorevento – Vigna Pedale Castel del Monte Riserva 2016

It is true that the late evening in the restaurant „Il Calice“ on Walter-Benjamin-Platz in Berlin turned into a long night full of wine, wonders and wisdom.

The Wine Guide or 1 202 winemakers and 3 118 wines

And the Dottore, who also made a name for himself as an Italian wine journalist and as co-founder and long-time editor-in-chief of the Italian wine guide „Gambero Rosso“, was also among us. For the wine guide, which was first published in October 2014, he would taste wines from all over Italy with editors and well-known experts and rate them according to the internationally proven 100-point system, with all wines receiving more than 95 points would be one of „The Guide’s Faces”. In the beginning there should have been 106 wines and 73 wineries. In the 2021 Italian wine guide, 1,202 winemakers were included and 3,118 wines were reviewed. Cheers!

Among these wines are 730 that were considered in the category good value for money, that is, according to Cernilli, would cost less than 15 euros in specialist shops, some even less than 10 euros, but were rated by Doctor Wine and others with more than 85 to 90 points.

Bibliographic information

Daniele Cernilli (editor), Doctor Wine – The ultimate Italian wine guide 2021, 782 pages, Publisher: MD Communication Srl., Rome, 1st edition, October 2020, ISBN: 978-88-945559-1-4, Prices: 25 EUR (Germany), 25.70 EUR (Austria), 27.50 SFr


More about the restaurant „Il Calice“ in the articles

by Christopher Prescott in GASTROSOFIE magazine. This article by Stefan Pribnow was translated into English by Christoph Merten.

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