Durbach, Germany (Gastrosofie). In the wine tavern of Staufenberg Castle, high above Durbach, you may sit when the weather is not cooperating, but as soon as the sun is shining and it is warm, you should be outside, gladly under large sunshades or trees, to enjoy a glass of wine from Baden in general and Durbach in particular. The castle with its walls can be seen by hikers from afar. It is located on the prominent rocky outcrop, the Staufenberg in Durbach. Once the property of various nobles, the castle now belongs to the Margrave of Baden. A thousand years of tradition and a few more over the Ortenau and Alsace.

Among them are the wines of the Markgraf von Baden winery. The wines are pressed in Salem Castle on Lake Bodensee and in Staufenberg Castle. On both sides it is true that the places of origin are also places of enjoyment. The home page schloss-staufenberg.de in the internet says: „The steep slopes of the Staufenberg have been planted with vines for centuries. A visit is worthwhile not only because of the fabulously beautiful landscape and the breathtaking view over the Rhine valley to Alsace and Strasbourg, but also because of its turbulent history. One then understands the special significance of Staufenberg Castle for the winery of the Margrave of Baden. Staufenberg Castle was built as a castle by the famous ducal dynasty of the Zähringers, the ancestors of the Margraves of Baden, in the 11th century. In 1782, Margrave Carl Friedrich von Baden, the later Grand Duke and creator of Baden’s quality viticulture, cultivated Riesling in pure culture for the first time here in the ‚Klingelberg‘ vineyard. This gave rise to a myth, the ‚Klingelberger‘, which stands for the unique Riesling tradition in the Ortenau. Special attractions are the newly designed wine tavern with the most visited viewing terrace in the region and our new, beautiful vinotheque.“

But the terrace is also beautiful and only the view. The Ortenau terrace fits perfectly with the wine tavern, which impresses with its history and simple elegance. Many festivities were celebrated there, including weddings. Included: wine and good food from the region. A rustic vesper is offered, but also regional delicacies. These include tarte flambée, which is served classic, vegan, au gratin, fiery and sweet.

Sweet tarte flambée and cake with plums and apples are also available. Those who want to keep a slender foot while hiking should be well served with a salad or two. All others may be satisfied with Maultaschen with Baden potato salad or the Vesper plate with Bauernseufzer, Landjäger, Black Forest ham, blood and liver sausage, pickles, tomatoes, boiled egg and bread – and wine on the terrace of the

Wine tavern Schloß Staufenberg

Adress: Schloss, 77770 Durbach

Contact: Phone: 078192465838, Email: weinstube@schloss-staufenberg.de

Web: schloss-staufenberg.de

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