Bern, Swiss Confederation (Gastrosofie). We already knew that something was brewing in Bern, but this? Walking and drinking on the Oberaargau beer trail? That’s possible!

A press release from Made in Bern AG dated 29.3.2023 says that „the new Oberaargau Beer Trail“ would consist of „a two-hour hike through picturesque hilly landscapes, five types of Oberaargau beer, snacks and a cordon bleu“. Probably the snacks and the cordon bleu are not even worth mentioning for a gourmand, but drinking beer brewed in the monasteries is. A hike with five stops to drink beer? The hiker and drinker must be moderate.

But the price of 79 Swiss francs per person only includes „5 x 33 cl chilled Oberaargau beers“.

The fact that the regional breweries give drinkers and hikers an insight into the art of brewing and, on top of that, a creation or two, seems to be a good thing.

For those who are less good at hiking but all the better at drinking, we advise a trip on the beer train. The next „Blue Arrow“ is scheduled to depart from Bern’s main station on 10 June 2023.

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