Smoked Watermelon

Watermelons. Source: Pixabay

Berlin, Germany (Gastrosofie). If you like it fruity when barbecuing, smoke a watermelon. The first time I saw, smoked and tasted this was on the other side of the Great Pond. That it looks exotic is probably true, but it also smells, but less like the northern East Coast and more like a fancy hybrid of the Caribbean and a meat factory in Chicago.

Throughout North America, people more or less talk and write about a Smoked Watermelon. That the Citrullus lanatus (also known as angurie, arbuse and pasteke) looks like ham and smells like ham is something that those who turn off their eyes and nose can hardly believe when they take the best bite. The juicy barbecue is a plant of which over 3 000 varieties are archived in the gene bank of the Vavilov Institute in Petersburg, RF.

If you like, choose one that grows up to ten metres long or a tsamma melon from the Kalahari, where the thirst-quenching fruit is a real delight. Surprise yourself and your guests at the barbecue with delicious creations and allow yourself time, lots of time: „Similar to a sauerbraten, the preparation for the Smoked Watermelon takes four to six days. The flesh is first pickled for a few days, then smoked for up to eight hours and finally roasted,“ says a press release from Kurverwaltung Bad Mergentheim GmbH dated 6.6.2023. And then off it goes, for example, into the Ninja Woodfire, probably the first e-outdoor grill with smoker function.

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